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PUBG Hacks, Cheats, Tips & Trick: PUBG game is a well-known game that is very famous worldwide. People from all group age are loved to play this game. The main idea of this game is to activate the mind and fast action performance. People find out many ways to play this game without any hurdles. For that, they are trying to get to know about different hacks and tricks. Sometimes, these hacks are helpful while playing the game. There are many PUBG game hacks that you can use to perform long and efficiently. This game has many tricks and tips; by following them, you can be a master of it. You can apply many PUBG Tips & Tricks, hacks & cheats during playing and earn free UC cash, but somehow, these tools seem artificial. So, try to make your way to play this game. These Tips & Tricks can be applied to all the devices such as PUBG Mobile, PUBG PC, PUBG Mac, PUBG Xbox One and PUBG PS4.

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PUBG Tips & Trick, Hacks and Cheats

PUBG Tips & Trick to master the Battleground

Game Settings

Before going into the battlefield you need to set the interface of your game. Set some options to auto and modify as you easy to run, fire, focus, collect things and more. These setting are very important because when you play you need to do things as fast as you can. Adjust these option from PUBG home screen menu.

PUBG Tips & Trick to master the Battleground
  1. Select Third Person View or First Person View
  2. Adjust Graphics Quality
  3. Turn on Peek and Fire
  4. Use Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights
  5. Check if Aim Assist is On
  6. Enable The Left Side Fire Button
  7. Enable Auto-open Doors
  8. Adjust the Size and Position of Controls
  9. Turn on Auto-adjust Graphics

Best Place for Landing in PUBG

The second thing to do is to select landing spot where you are comfortable to aim and shoot easily. it depends on you whether you need to meet with lots of players or want to play where less people.

Best Landing Spots in Miramar

PUBG Tips & Trick to master the Battleground
  1. Pecado and Hacienda del Patron (Most loot, very high risk)
  2. Prison, Campo Militar (More loot, high risk)
  3. Minas Generales (Good loot, low risk)

Best Landing Spots in Erangel

PUBG Tips & Trick to master the Battleground
  1. Military Base, Prison, Mansion (Most loot, very high risk)
  2. School, Severny, Pochinki (More loot, lower risk)
  3. Bunkers near ‘Shelter’ (Decent loot, very low risk)

Positioning In the Final Moments

When you are at the final time and circle near to look zero, or you can say when you near to chicken dinner don’t do these mistakes or you will be dead and back to lobby which I am sure you don’t want to be.

PUBG Tips & Trick to master the Battleground
  1. Play on the Edge
  2. Shoot to Kill
  3. Don’t Go in Guns Blazing
  4. Keep an eye on the map
  5. Wheels are better than legs
  6. Hide and peek
  7. Communicate with your squad mates
  8. Loot first, shoot later

Latest PUBG Hacks

While playing PUBG on Mobile, Windows, Xbox, PS4 or Mac at some time or at some point you must see a hacker. You are playing without cheating, looting houses and other peoples, and struggling to win the chicken dinner and at that point, a single shot came from nowhere which takes you down, you get shocked what happens, who killed you and from where? It might be a pro but the most chance is a hacker killed yours.

There are many hackers in PUBG battleground and many types of hacks available in the internet world. The most common and most famous hack of PUBG mobile is:

  • PUBG aimbot hack
  • PUBG speed hack
  • PUBG Recoil script
  • PUBG wall hack

PUBG aimbot hack

This hack is the most annoying hack in PUBG. This helps hacker to aim automatically to the target. Also, every bullet hackers fire will be directly hit the opponent.

There are also some advanced aimbots which aim the opponents, hit the fire and also fire automatically. Which means it’s an auto-win hack.

PUBG speed hack

This hack is less dangerous as compared to aimbot hack. This hack gives insane speed to the hacker. Means hacker will be moved one side to another side of the map in no time. It’s nearly not possible to kill these hackers.

PUBG speed hack

PUBG Recoil script

Practically the majority of the weapons in PUBG have some sort of backlash, and you are relied upon to figure out how to control it or reset the force by executing a short deferral between shots. In any case, a few people choose to download contents or macros that naturally deal with the force. This implies they should simply press the discharge catch and don’t need to modify their mouse to represent the backlash, as the content will do it for them and each shot will go precisely where they need it to. It’s not exactly a point hack as it doesn’t bolt on to an objective, yet it gives players a gigantic preferred standpoint in battles. Sadly they are likewise very hard to recognize, as this could simply be somebody who has aced that specific weapons pull back.

PUBG wall hack

Wall hack cheat in PUBG allows a hacker to see the opponents through the wall. You can also say it will add extra UI elements to the game which helps to see you heat sign, skeleton through the wall. It doesn’t mean hack can shoot you through the wall.

Other PUBG Hacks

There are other hacks available too like quickly pick up the loots from the places or from the dead people, flying vehicles which travel very fast and extendable arms which helps them shoot even from the sky.

Report hacker in PUBG

If spot any hacker in PUBG, you must report that hacker so PUBG official team ban that people. They also detecting hacker and banning them. You must also report helping all the peoples.

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