PUBG Mobile Season 15, Royale Pass, Rewards & Skins

Pubg (players unknown battleground) is an online video game. It is the top-rated game nowadays. This game has created a great level of interest in its players. This game can be played on mobile and also on the computer etc. The designer of this game is Brendan Greene. This is a real-time video game. This game has different versions and every version has its own specialties. There are different maps in the game. You can select anyone and can play in it. You can play randomly or you can play with your friends. This game allows you to connect it with Facebook or either twitter. You can invite your friends and can also play with them. If you play randomly then the players can be from any corner of the world. As it is played worldwide.  This is a real-time video game. Like many things just like the real world. The weather, the people, the weapons, etc all these things are real. If you got injured, you lose your health. Then you have to use your health kit to fight again. As you know PUBG Mobile Season 15 is out now.

PUBG Mobile Season 15, Royale Pass, Rewards & Skins

There are many maps and match types in which you can play but the most popular among the players is the classic one. On this map, you fly with your friends. And mark the location from the map where you want to land. And then there are 100 people to whom you have to kill. First, you have to do a loot. Collect the things that you want during the game. You have to be in a safe zone while you are killing another person. The game is so popular because of its high ping that 987ms. This game has many other features. Let’s have a look at the features and some new updates of this interesting game.


  • It is a multiplayer online game.
  • This game has a real-time effect.
  • This game is available in different languages.
  • The pin of the game is too high.
  • You can play with your friends.
  • This game requires some space on the device.
  • Because it is a little bit of a heavy game.
  • This game has created a great craze in the youngsters.
  • This game connects you with other people all around the world.
  • This game has very unique features.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 update

There are many updates in the latest season. The map is changed. After that new season will be uploaded.

You require 100 rewards to attain the royale pass of this game. You have to complete different missions and then you will get the pass. The more you complete missions, you will get a higher rank. The most important thing in this new season is the 15x scope. In the previous seasons, you have 8x scope. But now you can connect this scope to sniper rifles.

Have look at PUBG Season 12 Wallpapers

Pubg new season

Pubg makes continuous updates in every new season. Like every new season, there are some amendments and new features are added this season. Let’s have a look at PUBG Mobile’s new season details

  • The name of the new season is the metro royale.
  • There are new attachments.
  • New weapons are added.
  • Monsters are also in this season.
  • This season has a quick throw feature.
  • New animations are added. Like grenade animations.
  • You can also create smoke. When there is intense fighting in the field. You can leave smoke so that other people cannot find you.
  • The other use of this feature is that if you are injured at a high rate. Just leave the smoke. That will help you to heal quickly.
  • You can control the vehicles according to your need.
  • The navigation in this season is made easy for the players. That can also create an interest of playing.
  • You can set the sensitivity option as well. That you can increase its rate.

Pubg mobile new skin

Pubg new skin includes new dresses. Like night terror outfit, draconian, tiger suit. There are various weapons, which also have different skins. Some of them are as follows. 

Samurai Oops Outfit (100RP)

PUBG Mobile Season 15, Royale Pass, Rewards & Skins

Rose Moon Dacia Skin

PUBG Mobile Season 15, Royale Pass, Rewards & Skins

PUBG Mobile Season 15, Royale Pass, Rewards & Skins

These above-mentioned skins are the latest skins.



To conclude the writing, I must that it is a very interesting season so far. It has very unique features and options. And this will be also very popular as the previous seasons.

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